How to get started with Coollang Xiaoyu 2.0 Badminton sensor?

Posted by admin 05/09/2018 0 Comment(s)

You have finally got your hands on Coollang Xiaoyu 2.0 Badminton and cannot wait to get started with it. Here’s a handy guide to get started. 

Mounting the sensor on the racket 


Coollang Xiaoyu sensor includes an octagonal Silicone mount which can be attached to the base of any badminton racket. Align the octagon shape of the mount with the octagon shape of the racket. Press the mount on the racket and pull it tight over it. 

Once the mount is attached to the racket, align the octagon shape of the mount with the sensor and insert the sensor with the LED’s and power switch facing forwards. 

Please make sure that the axis of the racket face is aligned with the axis of Coollang Xiaoyu for accurate readings of different types of shots. 
Downloading the APP 
Coollang Xiaoyu 2.0 comes with Coollang's free Intelligent Badminton Android and iOS application. Download and install the app by scanning the QR Codes in the image below. Once installed, register for a new account using your email address or Facebook profile. 

Turning on and Pairing Coollang Xiaoyu

To turn on Coollang Xiaoyu, press the Power button on top of the sensor. You should feel the button push in slightly when you do this. Hold the button for a few seconds. 

If the two LED’s on top of the sensor flash alternately, the sensor is switched on. 
Your mobile device’s Bluetooth will automatically switch on when you open the Intelligent Badminton app. In the app, click on the Sensor icon on the top right corner. A list of all available sensors will be displayed. Click on the sensor of choice to connect. 

Once Smart Tennis is successfully paired with the APP, you are ready to start you training to be a Tennis Pro. All the best.