V-Smart Airdisk, the future of sharing

Posted by fonebud 12/09/2018 0 Comment(s)

V Smart airdisk WiFi mobile phone flash drive? What is this? 
Simply put, it is an external device that helps the phone expand its capacity. 

Today's smart phones, camera pixels are almost all by the million. 
In the case of iPhone 6s, every photo taken must be at least 2~4mb.storage space. 
1000 photos may cost 4GB of storage. 
It is also necessary to install a 1GB game. In fact, a mobile phone does not have 
much storage space to use. 

But in fact, many photos are your memories and are considered treasures. 
Although we may not be using the image daily, most people just want to be able to 
save it, and come up with it when they think of it. So, you need a place 
to save these photos well.

But our mobile phone memory is not unlimited and safe. So what is our option? 

Usually we would like to transfer our photo into the computer for backup. 
But this process is very annoying, just like Apple's iTunes often in order to put a 
song or put a photo, inexplicably synchronized a bunch of things. 
A lot of people who bought iPhone rarely use it to connect to the computer. 

Therefore, V-smart launched the Wi-Fi mobile phone flash drive air Disk. It is to 
solve these seemingly menial but bothersome problems. 
To put it simply, just take photos, videos, music on your mobile phone, 
save it, make a backup or move the file away, etc. By 
wirelessly transferring the file to the air disk flash drive surface. 

After passing the files, you connect the computer, just like a normal flash drive.kind. 
See your photo or various files in the folder. Can also instantly transfer the
backup into the computer, so there are three copies (mobile phone, airdisk, computer) 
Disperse the risk of storage, you do not have to worry about the loss of data any longer. 

That's right, because it's all wireless, you can also let your friends use the airdisk at the same time through the software, no longer we need to manually transfer data and avoiding synching problem, this thing will definitely save your time and effort.