Best Cycle Helmet

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Whether you hop on the bike for your daily commute to work, as part of a Saturday morning peloton or for some single-track riding, a helmet is an essential piece of kit. There is no law in this country requiring cyclists to wear one on the roads, but statistics show that the risk of a serious head injury is reduced by 70 per cent if the rider is wearing a helmet.

If you research cycle helmets, you’ll see a lot of the term MIPS (Multi-directional Impact System). It’s a way of designing helmets so as to reduce the damaging forces of a collision, therefore minimising the risk of injury as much as possible. They do this by ensuring multiple layers of protection, which absorb the different forces (rotational and linear) of a crash. More and more helmets use this technology, and a number of the models on our list do exactly that.

All of these helmets – most of which are unisex, with one specifically designed for women – are adjustable to an extent, but it’s important to measure your head above your ears and just above your eyebrows, matching these to the manufacturer’s measurements – and double check before you buy. 

Smart helmets are the new wave of cycle safety. They’re often equipped with Bluetooth features and left/right indicator LEDs on the rear, as well as the ability to communicate hands-free on your phone. Some even have an SOS feature, which will detect a crash and then alert others via a text message.Broadly, the cycle helmets on our list can be split into two camps: those for road cycling and those for mountain biking. Road helmets tend to have better ventilation with wider vents, and are shaped more aerodynamically than their off-road counterparts. The total head coverage on mountain bike helmets is greater, due to the smaller vents, and they often also come with a visor to guard against sunlight.  

Weights mostly vary between 200g and 500g. Of course, in the winter months, you can wear a cap beneath the helmet, especially ones which have a large number of vents.