Greentest, what it's all about

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Greentest determines the content of nitrates in vegetables and fruits. The operating principle of the nitrate device GREENTEST is based on measuring the electrical conductivity of the fruit or vegetable. Each fruit or vegetable contains ions of salts of potassium, sodium, magnesium and fluoride. Using GREENTEST for measuring conductivity of fruits and vegetables, we can determine the number of ions of salts.


GREENTEST devices are calibrated on the basis of comparative results of the device and laboratory equipment. The analyses conducted in the certified laboratories showed that the component of nitrate ions typically account for over 98% of all conductive salts found in fruits and vegetables. The effect of ions on the final measurements of other salts is less than 2%, which is insignificant for our purposes.


According to the laboratory results, we have inserted in GREENTEST devices a number of dependencies of the measured conductivity on the concentration of nitrate ions, defined for various fruits and vegetables.


GREENTEST shows the result of express-analysis as the concentration of nitrate ions and it’s comparison with the maximum permissible concentration (MPC) for the product which is measured.


The accuracy of GREENTEST measurements on nitrate content is 90%. This accuracy has been certified through a rigorous testing by international laboratories and specialized institutions.


GREENTEST measures:

Nitrates in fresh fruits and vegetables: Namely, the concentration of various salts in the tested product, including salts that contain essential nutrients as well as salts that can cause serious harm to your health. Greentest technology helps to detect the weight concentrations of salt ions such as: (Cl) chloride, (SO4) sulphate, (NO3) nitrate, and (NO2) nitrite-ions and calibrated to show the precise amount of nitrate ions. Nitrate salts accumulated in high concentrations due to improper cultivation of fruit and vegetables present serious risk to human health.


Water Hardness: Greentest is a TDS meter (Total Dissolved Solids) which can detect the concentration of various salts, solids and acids dissolved in water. High molecular organic compounds such as pesticides, herbicides and hydrocarbons cannot be detected by the device. Greentest scale is calibrated in ppm (parts per million) and it determines the amount of foreign ions for 1 000 000 molecules of water. That is why 1ppm = 1 mg/l = 0,02 mg – equivalent/liter = 0,01 mM equivalent/liter. The norms are provided by the German Institute of Standardization (DIN19643).


Background radiation determined by the amount of power of ionizing radiation (gamma-ray and beta-particle flux). Greentest ECO starts automatically collecting radiation ions right after you switch on the device and will signalize you if the radiation background is above the norm. All the displayed results and norms of Greentest ECO are based on the international safety standards.


Wherever you are and whatever you do, GREENTEST will be analyzing the radiation background and someday it will save someone’s life!