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Safety is our top priority

It will not replace your existing lock, just plug on the inside of your deadbolt as an attachment, Smart Doorman won't attract any unwanted attention from outside.

Make your house lock intelligent

Smart Doorman is installed on the existing lock. Its instant installation requires no extra tools or modifications to the existing lock, making the traditional mechanical lock intelligent.

Attached to the interior door

We install Smart Doorman using 3M adhesive pad, which adheres to the existing interior door lock. The Smart Doorman is suitable for most of the traditional locks on the market, and it leaves you the option to use the key.

The original key can also work

The unique rotary design is compatible with the original metal key for a rainy day.

Simple - Install it yourself

Smart Doorman can be installed by anybody, no need for a handyman. It is installed on the inside of your door and mounts on the interior portion of your deadbolt. All it takes is about 10 minutes and a screwdriver.


 Size  Length 172mm, width 70mm, height 24.65mm
 Weight  750g
 Torque  2kgf
 Battery  6000 mAh
 Battery cycle  600 days
 Port  Micro USB
 Sensor  Proximity sensor, gravity sensor
 Material  Zinc & Titanium alloy fuselage, metal core parts
 Oitsme app run system  iOS 8.0+, Android 4.4+
 Communication  Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE)
 Open Door Pattern
  1. Use your key
  2. One click on app
  3. Proximate method
  4. Chat tools like WECHAT
  5. Knock open for Android
  6. Physical button open inside the door

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